Jun 21, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Notification of Changes to Current Catalog



Spring 2021 Updates

Effective Spring 2021 Grading System

Beginning the Spring 2021 semester, Tusculum University will use the new grading system and standard undergraduate grading scale shown below.  The letter grades and quality points assigned are used in both undergraduate and graduate course work.

Letter Grade Standard Undergraduate Scale* Quality Points Assigned Interpretation
A+ 100-98 4.0 per credit hour  
A 97-93 4.0 per credit hour  
A- 92-90 3.7 per credit hour  
B+ 89-87 3.5 per credit hour  
B 86-83 3.0 per credit hour  
B- 82-80 2.7 per credit hour  
C+ 79-77 2.5 per credit hour  
C 76-73 2.0 per credit hour  
C- 72-70 1.7 per credit hour  
D+ 69-67 1.5 per credit hour  
D 66-63 1.0 per credit hour  
F 62-0 0.0 per credit hour  
AU   No points applied Audit
AW   No points applied Administrative Withdrawal for Non-Attendance
E   No points applied Excused
I   No points applied Incomplete
IP   No points applied In Progress
P   No points applied Passing
W   No points applied Withdrawal

*Note: This is the standard university wide undergraduate grading scale.  Grading scales may vary depending upon program, and students are advised to check their course syllabus for the grading scale used in that course.