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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Grading Scales and Policies

For graduate programs, Tusculum University uses a standard grading system to align letter grades with quality points. The alignment of percentage scales with letter grades is determined by each college for each graduate program.

Letter Grade Standard Undergraduate Scale* Quality Points Assigned Interpretation
A+   4.0 per credit hour  
A   4.0 per credit hour  
A-   3.7 per credit hour  
B+   3.5 per credit hour  
B   3.0 per credit hour  
B-   2.7 per credit hour  
C+   2.5 per credit hour  
C   2.0 per credit hour  
C-   1.7 per credit hour  
D+   1.5 per credit hour  
D   1.0 per credit hour  
F   0.0 per credit hour  
AU   No points applied Audit
AW   No points applied Administrative Withdrawal for Non-Attendance
E   No points applied Excused
I   No points applied Incomplete
IP   No points applied In Progress
P   No points applied Passing
W   No points applied Withdrawal



  1. Graduate Students must earn a minimum grade of C for a course to count toward the major. If a student earns a grade of C- or below, the course must be retaken to receive credit. In addition, a 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for graduation with a master’s degree. Some graduate programs have more stringent grade and/or GPA policies. Please refer to the catalog information for individual graduate programs for information about required course grades and/or GPA to progress in the program.
  2. When a faculty member assigns a grade of “F,” the instructor must record the student’s last date of attendance.
  3. Incomplete Grade. If extenuating circumstances result in a student being unable to complete the work in a course, the student may, at the instructor’s discretion, be assigned a grade of Incomplete. If granted, the instructor will complete an Incomplete Grade Form that is signed or verified electronically by the instructor and students and will submit it to the dean and registrar. To qualify for an incomplete grade, the student should have completed at least half of the coursework and with a passing average. The instructor will determine the deadline for completing the coursework, but in all cases, the Incomplete grade must be replaced by a permanent grade within 6 months. Failure to complete the coursework within the prescribed period of time will result in the Incomplete grade being converted to a permanent grade of F. An Incomplete grade earns no quality points. It is the student’s responsibility to seek information about the impact of the incomplete grade on financial aid and/or athletic eligibility.
  4. Excused Grade. In order to receive a grade of Excused, students with extenuating circumstances must petition the instructor and the Admissions and Standards Committee by submitting a form by the end of semester immediately following the semester for which the course grade was issued. A grade of Excused (E) will not be approved unless there are documented extenuating circumstances, such as illness, injury or personal tragedy, that have affected the student’s progress in the course. The student must state a specific reason for requesting an Excused grade, and the instructor’s recommendation must be recorded. The Admissions and Standards Committee will make the final decision and notify the Registrar.
  5. In Progress. In-progress grades do not apply to graduate programs.
  6. Pass/Fail. Courses that are so designated in the catalog are graded on a pass/fail basis. The “Pass” grade is counted in hours toward graduation but does not affect the GPA, whereas a “Fail” is figured into the GPA credit totals and does affect the GPA.
  7. Audit. A student who desires to explore their interests and abilities in unfamiliar courses, without affecting their GPA, may choose to audit courses. A student is not held responsible for the work in an audited course and does not need to complete or submit assignments. An audited course receives no credit, no points applied to the grade point average and receives a final grade of “AU”. A course that is audited cannot change to a credit course, nor can a credit course be changed to an audit course after the drop period. A full-time student may audit courses without charge. When enrolled less than full-time, audit courses incur a $100 fee.