May 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Honors Program

The Tusculum University Honors Program is designed to provide challenging and engaging educational experiences to talented students committed to academic excellence. Our Honors Program focuses on promoting cross-discipline dialogue between students and faculty. Each participant creates a personalized plan of study that will lead to a unique Honors experience designed to benefit the student’s individual goals. The Program offers distinctive courses including semester-long seminars with talented faculty and gifted peers and self-directed honors projects to encourage students to follow their personal passions. The program is designed to help bright students hone their intellectual abilities and develop strong leadership skills through a variety of cultural enrichment and professional development opportunities within the program and University. As a community of engaged learners, members of the Honors Program are expected to become leaders in their community, raising the level of intellectual debate and civic engagement.


Freshman Admission Minimum ACT 27/1260 SAT or PTK Scholar
  High School GPA 3.0
  Sign Scholarship Agreement


Transfer Admission Minimum ACT 25/1200 SAT as Freshman or PTK Scholar
  Transfer GPA 3.5
  Apply to Director of University Honors Program


Internal Admission Minimum ACT 25/1200 SAT or PTK Scholar
  Tusculum University GPA 3.5
  Apply to Director of University Honors Program
  Letter of Recommendation from Advisor or Professor
  Have attended Tusculum University for a minimum of 1 year


Remain in Program 3.5 GPA
  Opportunity for GPA Improvement
  Progress in Honors Requirements
  Can Lose Scholarship or Have It Reduced
  Can be Removed from Program


Students must be admitted to the program before declaring the University Honors Minor .  The amount of credits the student must take varies upon when the student enters the program.  Freshman must take a minimum of 24 credits within the honors curriculum.  Transfer students and Internal students (those who enter the program after their freshman year) must take a minimum of 14 credits.