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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science Major, (BA)

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The major and minor programs in political science constitute the most specific accompaniment to the general education courses that educate for citizenship. The analytical rigor involved in Political science courses make this program a good choice for a student who has not yet clarified his/her life-long occupational goals but who seeks to hone her/his abilities to think both broadly and critically and to learn to express complex views both orally and in written form. And this program provides specific preparation for students already focused on careers in government or the teaching of the social sciences or who plan to undertake further study as a prelude to public involvement as an attorney, a civil servant, or a community leader.

Political Science, (BA) 

Political Science, Government Education 6-12 Concentration, (BA) 

Independent Major

Students interested in doing so may design an independent major combining Political Science with courses from related areas (e.g. History, Business, Psychology etc.). Detailed requirements for an independent major can be found in the section titled “Independent Program of Study ” that appears in the Academic Policies section.

Political Science Internships

For students whose program of study and intended career objective would benefit from the practical experience that an internship would provide, internships in local offices of federal, state and local governments may be available. Internship credit does not normally count toward the courses required for the major or minor, but a one course exception may be granted upon petition to the Department Chair.

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